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laser is smart.

mirSense is committed to developing and making cutting-edge laser technologies available to everyone on a daily basis. From protecting people to protecting their environment, we build tools that allow everyone to breathe cleaner air, to move safely and to live in good health.

Quantum cascade lasers are an advanced technology, resulting from the conquest of space, precise at the atomic scale.

We rely on the know-how of competent and creative women and men, passionate about their profession, anxious to put excellence, rigor and innovation at the service of all

We are located in France, at the heart of internationally renowned research, production and innovation ecosystems. Our world needs technologies we can all trust. This is our commitment to everyone.


Passionate about the immense possibilities offered by these lasers, we build sustainable, smarter and more accessible products every day. Today we offer efficient and precise solutions, powerful and robust, deployable widely and easily.

By developing and producing our own lasers, supported by patents and exclusive techniques, we offer professionals miniaturized modules allowing them to respond to new uses or strengthen their competitiveness, with an unprecedented quality-price ratio.


Our business sectors

mirSense mainly operates in two sectors : Defense & security and in Industry & environment

Industry and environment

Monitoring and diagnosis of air quality are essential for providing clean and safe air for breathing. The chemical industry, oil and gas industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment and power industries require new technologies to detect the main industrial gases or for monitoring chemical processes (such as scrubber process, gas leaks detection, gas production…). mirSense provides disruptive solutions with both lasers for spectroscopy and high-end gas analysers.

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Defense and security

mirSense has extensive experience dealing with defense customers worldwide, from ministries of defense, industrials, academy labs. We propose products and services necessary from design phases up to mass production, with a strong focus on quality standards.

For instance, our quantum cascade lasers are used in protection of helicopters or airplanes, commonly known as Direct Infrared Countermeasure.

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Exclusive technologies

By developing and producing our own lasers, supported by patents and exclusive techniques, we offer professionals compact modules allowing them to respond to new uses or strengthen their competitiveness, with an unprecedented quality-price ratio. Discover our vision of QCL and photoacoustic technologies.

Our expertise

The mirSense team

The mirSense team includes a world class team of engineers and physicists that have been developing the QCL laser technology for over 15 years. The team is supported by a highly experienced production team and an expert sales service organization.

The strong motivation of mirSense team is enhanced by a solid academic and industrial background. Our aim is to improve the value added by mirSense spectroscopic detection solutions to our customers’ businesses.


Mathieu Caras, Mirsense CEO

Mathieu Carras

Dr. Mathieu Carras, CEO & CTO, Cofounder
Ph.D. in solid-state physics from Paris Univ.
Head of the MIR team at Alcatel Thales for 10 years where he developed QCLs

Mickael Brun

Mickael Brun

Dr. Mickael Brun, COO, Cofounder
Ph.D. in optics
Worked in R&D QCLs at CEA Leti Research Institute


Guillaume Aoust

Guillaume Aoust

Dr. Guillaume Aoust, Head of R&D
Ph.D. in optics and photoacoustics at Polytechnique and Harvard schools
Recipient of the Branly Prize for outstanding scientific work.

Roland Teissier

Dr. Roland Teissier, Chief laser scientist
Ph.D. in physics of semiconductor heterostructures
CNRS research director
Several world-records regarding QCL lasers


David Chauvel

David Chauvel

David Chauvel, Sales for gas analysers
MBA at La Sorbonne and MSC in Physics
20 years of international sales of industrial instrumentation

Adrien Dequaire

Adrien Dequaire

Adrien Dequaire, Sales for QCL laser solutions
MSc in Management at HEC Paris
15 years of marketing and business development of industrial products

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