Laser is smart

mirSense is committed to developing and making cutting-edge laser technologies available to everyone on a daily basis. From protecting people to protecting their environment, we build tools that allow everyone to breathe cleaner air, to move safely and to live in good health.

Quantum cascade lasers are an advanced technology, resulting from the conquest of space, precise at the atomic scale.

Passionate about the immense possibilities offered by these lasers, we build sustainable, smarter and more accessible products every day. Today we offer efficient and precise solutions, powerful and robust, deployable widely and easily.

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Industry and Environment

Industry (Chemical, power plants, incinerators, oil & gas, new energies…) require new gas sensing technologies to optimize their processes and reduce their environmental impact. Monitoring and diagnosis of air quality are essential for providing clean and safe air for breathing. mirSense provides solutions :

Defense and Security

mirSense has extensive experience dealing with defense customers worldwide, from ministries of defense, industrials, academy labs. We propose products and services necessary from design phases up to mass production, with a strong focus on quality standards.

Passion for innovation

We rely on the know-how of competent and creative women and men, passionate about their profession, anxious to put excellence, rigor and innovation at the service of all. We are located in France, at the heart of internationally renowned research, production and innovation ecosystems.

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