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January 2016

Doggies project

T400_EC 03

Doggies Project

mirSense is a partner in the DOGGIES consortium for border security, a project supported by the European Commission. The goal of mirSense is to develop and provide an array of single-mode distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers with closely spaced emission wavelengths fabricated monolithically on a single chip and compatible with the subsequent hybridization on the Si-based multiplexer. Arrays of around 30 RT CW DFB QCLs with space emission wavelength between 2 and 3 wave-number (cm-1) able to cover around +/-50 cm-1 on either side of the targeted wavelength will be fabricated. This array will be combined with a fully-integrated tapered waveguide multiplexer suitable to combine and collimate laser beams emitted from the QCL array into a single output by “merge and match” of QCL technology and Si-based Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC).