Inline process gas monitoring

Process analytics plays a central role in business success for countless industries. Process analyzers make an essential contribution to process and quality optimization and enable environmentally conscious and sustainable production in virtually every industry segment worldwide. Full scale plant systems need to be able to handle harsh operating conditions with minimal operator attention. Conversely, lab scale systems have to be able to handle rapid changes in operating set up conditions which require more operator intervention. Pilot plants can vary in size from just above lab scale to full scale plants so analysis requirements can vary greatly.

Correct monitoring improves production and personnel security

Industrial chemicals can leak, spill or be mishandled. This threatens employees, your manufacturing facilities, production schedules, and the public. The industry’s need is to have the right tools to protect people and assets, while improving the production levels and reducing downtime.

Leaks Detection

Methane, the primary constituent of natural gas, is up to 120 times as potent a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide. Thus, the release of unburned natural gas produces much stronger effects than the carbon dioxide that would have been released if the gas had been burned as intended. Since 2014, legislation requires gas suppliers to make greater efforts to control leaks. In the US state of Massachusetts alone, 20,000 documented leaks have been registered.

Liquid detection/Water in Oil detection

As mentioned on the QuantaRed website, a company using QCL for liquid sensing : “In crude oil production, a single well may cause problems to the total water purification system, when too high oil-in-water concentrations reach the manifold.[…]. Thus the expenses for chemical substances such as corrosion/scale inhibitors, biocides and detergents can be significantly reduced.”

mirSense fully agrees with this view and, thanks to its product line, offers solutions to purify liquids.