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Videos - 18 Apr 2023

Webinar : Maintaining narrow linewidths for pulsed QCL Lasers in gas sensing applications

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One limit of QCLs is that when you operate them in CW, you need to inject tens of watts of electrical power into the QCL and this large amount of power will need to be dissipated by the gas sensing system and it also limits the maximum temperature at which you can operate the QCL chip. One way to reduce electrical power consumption is to operate the lasers in pulsed operation and you will learn in this webinar about this mode of operation. Did you know for example that the spectral broadening during pulsed operation is less at long wavelengths (from 10 to 17 microns for example) than at shorter wavelengths ? This great webinar from mirSense is brought to you by Dr. Roland Teissier, a world expert who has worked for more than 20 years on quantum cascade lasers and Photonics Media.

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