powerMir : High Power Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL)

High Power Quantum Cascade Lasers
powerMir : High Power QCL

powerMir: Bright solution for demanding applications

The powerMir is a high power Quantum Cascade Lasers family achieving very high output power and wall-plug efficiency. At room temperature, watt-level power in continuous wave operation is achieved in the wavelength range of 4.3 to 4.7 µm (other wavelength, e.g : 4.0µm / 9.0µm are available with custom design development) . The mode is typically TEM00 with Gaussian spatial distribution and high beam quality for easy handling.

The highest efficiency is obtained from buried-ridge devices with improved thermal characteristics. The buried heterostructure is formed by regrowth of semi insulating iron doped InP on the side wall after etching of the laser ridge. Excellent performances, including lower threshold current densities and high characteristic temperature, are obtained due to lower lateral waveguide losses and improved lateral heat dissipation.

powerMir is available in standard HHL package with collimating lens for low divergence and Peltier regulation.

The High Power Quantum Cascade lasers from mirSense line target the Defense and Security applications, e.g : Directional InfraRed Counter Measure (DIRCM),   where high power, robustness and high beam quality are mandatory.

Custom multi-band solutions are available.


Wavelength  ∼ 4.6 µm
Mode Continuous Wave (CW)
Output Power ≥ 1.6 W
Operating Temp. range 0 – 40°C
Beam quality M² < 1.3  / < 6 mRad divergence
Package HHL with Peltier Regulation
Beam quality for High power QCL