Our values

Our mission at mirSense is to make the world safer and more energy efficient by leveraging the power of our quantum cascade laser technologies. Our strategy is to manufacture customized OEM modules for our clients who integrate them in end-products ranging from gas analyzer to DIRCM defense systems. You will find with us an established and trustworthy French supplier to partner with for your series-productions, from small scale to mass production thanks to our agile supply chain, and our highly-skilled Phd engineers are ready to help you in your projects. mirSense exploits proprietary innovative solutions based on a very solid patent portfolio and has strong industrial oriented manufacturing methods. Our customers are all over the world and we look forward to work with you.

Click here to watch the video where our CEO, Dr. Mathieu Carras, presents our gas analyser, multiSense.


Sensing the world to make it a better place

Our chemical environment is becoming more and more complex. Molecular traces can be harmful, directly to the human body or indirectly by causing global warming for instance. They can also reveal or engender diseases.

By providing affordable high performance laser spectroscopy solutions to OEM, mirSense leverages the capability of protecting people.

Indeed, mirSense improves:

  • Indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Green-house gases reduction
  • Process sustainability
  • Accuracy of medical treatments

The mirSense team

The mirSense team includes a world class team of engineers and physicists that have been developing the QCL laser technology for over 15 years. The team is supported by a highly experienced production team and an expert sales service organization.

Everybody in the company is highly motivated, with a solid academic and/or industrial background. Our aim is to improve the value added by mirSense spectroscopic detection solutions to our customers’ businesses.

Contribute in making the world a better place !

We are looking for people who are creative, inspired, resourceful and able to work in a fast-paced environment, as well as working independently and proposing solutions on your own.
You have an innovative spirit and want to share your experience related to mirSense applications?
Whether you are a professional or a student, we may have a job for you so do not hesitate to tell us about your skills, experience and objectives.

Join our young open-minded team and be part of our success!