You will find here articles published about experiments that used mirSense QCL lasers or gas analysers.

Year Journal Title and pdf link Authors Point of interest
 2019 Scientific Reports Chaotic optical power dropouts driven by low frequency bias forcing in a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser Olivier Spitz, Jiagui Wu, Mathieu Carras, Chee-Wei Wong, Frédéric Grillot The chaotic behavior or QCL lasers can be used in applications such as optical countermeasure systems and secure atmospheric transmission lines, as well as for simulating neuronal systems and the communication between neurons due to sudden bursts. A quantum cascade laser (QCL) from mirSense was used in this research.
 2018 The Journal of Physical Chemistry Intraband mid-infrared transitions in Ag2Se nanocrystals: potential and limitations for Hg-free low-cost photodetection Junling Qu Nicolas Goubet, Clément Livache, Bertille Martinez, Dylan Amelot, Charlie Gréboval, Audrey Chu, Julien Ramade, Hervé Cruguel Sandrine Ithurria, Mathieu G. Silly, and Emmanuel Lhuillier Infrared photodetection based on colloidal nanoparticles could decrease the cost of devices for mass market applications. A quantum cascade laser (QCL) from mirSense was used in this research.
 2018  Applied Materials & Interfaces Band Edge Dynamics and Multiexciton Generation in Narrow Band Gap HgTe Nanocrystals Clément Livache, Nicolas Goubet, Bertille Martine , Amardeep Jagtap, Junling Qu, Sandrine Ithurria, Mathieu G. Silly, Benoit Dubertret, and Emmanuel Lhuillier  Mercury chalcogenide nanocrystals and especially HgTe appear as an interesting platform for the design of low cost mid-infrared (mid-IR) detectors. A quantum cascade laser (QCL) from mirSense was used in this research.
 2018 Nano Letters Wave-Function Engineering in HgSe/HgTe Colloidal Heterostructures To Enhance Mid-infrared Photoconductive Properties Nicolas Goubet , Clément Livache, Bertille Martinez , Xiang Zhen Xu, Sandrine Ithurria , Sébastien Royer†, Hervé Cruguel, Gilles Patriarche§, Abdelkarim Ouerghi , Mathieu Silly, Benoit Dubertret, and Emmanuel Lhuillier The use of intraband transition is an interesting alternative path for the design of optically active complex colloidal materials in the midinfrared range. A quantum cascade laser (QCL) from mirSense was used in this research.
 2018 Laser Physics Letters Low-frequency fluctuations of a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser operating at cryogenic temperatures Olivier Spitz, Jiagui Wu, Mathieu Carras, Chee-Wei Wong and Frédéric Grillot Mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers operating under external optical feedback can output a chaotic dynamics through low-frequency fluctuations close to 77K.
 2017 Scientific Reports Beam shaping in high-power broad-area quantum cascade lasers using optical feedback Simon Ferré, Louise Jumpertz, Mathieu Carras, Robson Ferreira and Frédéric Grillot Broad-area quantum cascade lasers with high output powers are highly desirable sources for various applications including infrared countermeasures.
 2016 Science & Applications Chaotic light at mid-infrared wavelength Louise Jumpertz, Kevin Schires, Mathieu Carras, Marc Sciamanna and Frédéric Grillot The onset of nonlinear dynamics and chaos is evidenced in a mid-infrared distributed feedback quantum cascade laser both in the temporal and frequency domains.