Mirsense Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based solutions

Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL): the main building block of the mirSense products portfolio

mirSense proposes original and cost effective Quantum Cascade Laser based components for high performance chemical analysis for industrial purpose.

uniMir™: This high performance single frequency laser is the building block of the entire mirSense offer. It is a perfect component for chemical spectroscopy and particularly suited for low power consumption in QCW mode. Our product is easy to integrate thanks to the electronics provided to drive it.

It is a perfect replacement for NDIR sources providing a thousand-fold improvement in signal to noise ratio capability. A portable device with unprecedented detection levels is now at hand, with no compromise on cost and performances. UniMir is available in different packagings.

multiSense™: This is the only compact laser-based component for multi-gas handheld device development combining the performances of lasers together with the compactness of photo-acoustic detection.

This product, with the size of a matchbox, can detect up to 10 gases. The collective fabrication approach ensures cost efficiency with increasing production volume.

powerMir™: mirSense is also capable of delivering high power lasers (multi-watt level) for specific needs.