News - Launch of uniMir product range

June 2016

uniMir product range

launch of uniMir QCL product range

Product launch : uniMir product range

MirSense paves the way to Innovation by releasing to market its first product family: The uniMir Quantum Cascade lasers.

Thanks to the agreement between Alcatel lucent, Thales and CEA-Leti, Mirsense – the spin-off company from the III-V lab in France, aggregating more than 15 years of intensive R&D on quantum Cascade lasers – officially launches its first commercial product family, uniMir.

The uniMir family is a high performance and affordable range of Mid-Infrared (Mid IR) Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) designed to match the needs of Mid-infrared applications.
The uniMir feature Single Mode and Broadband QCL range with spectral range covered from 3 to 12µm, continuous or pulsed operation with low power consumption and a Butterfly package (BTF) / or HHL package with Thermo Electrical Cooling regulation.

uniMir QCL covers all of the most tracked gases such as :
• Methane (CH4),
• Ammonia (NH3)
• Carbon dioxide (CO2)
• Formaldehyde (H2CO),
• Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
• and more….

Thanks to its several production patents, the uniMir technology brings an unmatched performances / cost ratio on the market, enabling applications to arise from the customers: a tailor-made solution with the cost and delivery of a standard product.

The uniMir Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) are available for sale as packaged modules and are compatible with standard driving modules available on the market.

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