Introducing world-premiere fiber-coupled QCL

Directing the beam of QCL lasers is now made very easy for clients thanks to the use of a fiber output.

Fiber-coupled QCL laser

Palaiseau, France – January 24, 2017 – mirSense SA, a leading European Quantum Cascade Laser manufacturer announces the availability of fiber-coupled QCL lasers to facilitate the use of lasers by clients. “Thanks to mirSense, using a QCL has never been so simple” says founder and CEO Dr. Mathieu Carras. The new Fiber-coupled DFBs and Fabry-Perot laser product line covers the full mid-IR range from 3 to 10 µm with standard FC-PC connectors. This new product adds to the portfolio of mirSense: DFBs (uniMirTM), Fabry-Perots (powerMirTM), trace gas sensors (multiSenseTM).

* Weak absorption of the fiber (typically 0,5dB per meter)
* Gaussian output beam
* The numerical opening of the fiber is adjustable depending on the geometry (typically between 0.4 to 0.8)
* Typical length of the fiber is 1m out of the package (typically HHL or butterfly 14 pins package)

* Easier laser integration
* No more open space beams with complex optics

Contact at Photonics West, booth#431
Dr. Mathieu Carras, CEO, mobile: +33 6 82 96 26 43,
Adrien Dequaire, sales manager, mobile: +33 7 60 51 69 85,