ENOVA Sept.19-21, 2017

mirSense will present the first handheld QCL based OEM multi-gas spectrometer, multiSense, at the ENOVA exhibition, September 19th to 21st, 2017.

ENOVA is the focal platform for technology applied to electronics, measurement, vision and optics and brings together professionals in industry and research seeking to find innovative solutions for their ongoing projects.

The multiSense is a QCL-based spectrometer combining QCL emitters and Photoacoustic detection in a very compact size and providing a real-time sub ppm detection of multiple gases.

The multiSense OEM module is dedicated to analyzer manufacturers and provides high performances, ease of use and a cost competitive approach thanks to an advanced integration of Quantum Cascade lasers.

Come and visit us on the Cap’tronic booth #R40, Hall 4

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