Best wishes for 2018

Dear Quantum Cascade Laser friends,

2017 has been a great year for our company mirSense and I want to take the time around Christmas to say THANK YOU!
To our clients and distributors, thank you for your renewed trust as your many quantum cascade laser projects help us further push our boundaries.
To all our partners and suppliers, thanks for helping us become a truly world-class mid-infrared QCL laser manufacturer.
To the gas community in general, thanks for making us feel at home in the community, we received no less than 5 awards for the release of our multiSense gas analyzer in the last quarter and we owe a great deal to you.
To our financial backers, thanks for helping us successfully raise funds in the fourth quarter as we move forward on the production of our multiSense gas analyzer.
We wish you all to enjoy the holiday break and look forward to work with you in 2018 !

Have a great day,
on behalf of the mirSense team,

Dr. Mathieu Carras, PhD.


Merry Christmas 2017 team picture

The mirSense team