multiMir : The widely tunable QCL Source for multi gas analysis

Broadband DFB Quantum Cascade Lasers
uniMir : Single mode DFB / Fabry Perot QCL

Broadband DFB Quantum Cascade Lasers: multiMir

the multiMir devices are Broadband DFB Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL). It is the only full semiconductor solution for broadband tuning (~100cm¹). It gives you unprecedented capabilities for high quality spectroscopy with the same performances as a single frequency laser in terms of wavelength accuracy, stability and compactness, but with a tuning range of several tenth of cm¹.

multiMir combines mirSense laser technology together with the silicon based integrated optics capability.

With such a component, you can analyze your mixture in harsh conditions, with many interfering molecules, and identify specific molecules with broad signatures.

This is the only proprietary full semiconductor technology to provide a unique production scaling capability.

mirSense has off-the-shelf components and can also produce customized application-orientated version of multiMir.


Wavelength Contact us
Tunable range 40 cm-1
Operating Temp. range 0 – 40°C
Package Butterfly (BTF)  with Peltier regulation
*These are typical values and depend on the wavelength.
Gas spectrum